Foehn & Hirsch (F&H) on Ebuyer

Found 4th Dec 2009
Is there some way to block all ebuyer F&H posts automatically? It is all tat just re-branded by ebuyer and probably posted by them most the time anyway!
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I agree. I'd like to block F&F also.
yes because it takes sooo much effort to just scroll past the post and not read it:whistling:
F&H are no worse and no better than the cheap rebadged stuff that most of the major "names" sell. Only thing in F&H's favour is that it is cheap whereas, for example, Samsung rubbish isn't.

Everyone has their pet dislikes on HUKD, mine are DVDs and console games, so I just don't bother looking at them. You could try that approach?
Its not that its guarantied to be rubbish, it mite not be, but most of it is rubbish. Its more to do with the amount of posts for F&H stuff and the lack of any real product reviews etc, I would never buy any of it but I am worried about people buying thing that will stop working after 6 months and have no product support.

I am also convinced its ebuyer staff posting most of them.

I agree. I'd like to block F&F also.

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