fold flat bbq - anyone tried one of these

    with the camping season almost upon us I've been looking at these - it's always a pain trying to fit the bbq in the car.…tml

    I'm not having much luck finding any reviews though - anyone used them?



    Was very impressed with how sturdy this BBQ was, and how easy it was to set up - there is nothing to it! Worked superbly, and once the coals were cold, I simply scooped them up and packed the bbq in it's own little bag. Definitely recommend it, especially for the price!
    Marc, London

    We got the breifcase version and we love it! It is so easy to fold/unfold and is perfect for taking to the beach. We live in a second floor flat but we have a big communal garden and this is perfect for taking out there to just chill and have fun.
    Donna, Weston-Super-Mare

    Fantastic! No longer do we have to sit the kids on top of a BBQ box in the car to be able to fit everything in when going camping! Not only that but this genius device is the perfect size to sit a camping stove on, so we no longer need an extra table too. Thankyou IWOOT my kids can now travel in comfort.
    sarah dixon, baldock

    My Dad is the most awkward guy in the world to buy presents for but he loved this, made my brothers presents look rubbish as well, had it all set up on the lounge floor and has showed everyone that has come around!! just need the weather so we can go to the beach to try it out now!!!!
    Harriet, Wwincheste

    Original Poster

    lol - I saw those - they are just pasted from the link I posted.

    My friend has one of these and rates it really highly, says it's robust and sturdy.

    Hope this helps. :-D

    yeah, i have one, and have had no problems with it

    Original Poster

    it's certainly a step in the right direction

    I want one of these two now - I think I'm gonna back away from the browser until I get paid at least!…tml


    Original Poster

    Thanks - which one do you have surfer?

    I think I'm going to get the Carry and Go Briefcase BBQ as it has a bigger cooking area & we tend to go camping in quite big groups.

    it isn't one that i can find on that site, had it for a few years now, but is a fold flat one similar to the Carry and Go in design of legs - they look stronger and more sturdy the the X shape stands.

    And also - that Firesteel thing looks really clever!
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