Folding bike for tall guys

    Anyone have a good recommendation for those commuting folding bikes you see that would be suitable for a 6 foot 5 guy (1 metre 96cm) ? Lots of them have limited length on the front stem so i dont want to do my back in. And of course at a good price! Looking at 600 quid ish.:thinking:


    Have a look at the range from dahon. They seem to do all sorts of folding bikes. They do the mountain bike style which may suit you as you are taller. Seen them sell on ebay (brand new) for under your budget.…htm

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    Cheers solidus06, have been to as well (they do 10% quidco) and the Urbanite 2 seems to be OK for taller people. I emailed the sales team to confirm and the price of that is well cheap...of course you get what u pay for.
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