Follow the Three Word Game!!!

Found 26th Mar 2008
I'll start it off and next poster has to type the first three words that springs to mind when seeing the previous word. Hope this makes sense.

The one word game is boring now.. try this one

hotukdeals is a
Community Updates
site for deals
with good bargains
and good people
edit: lol same as above

and good mods
with interesting stories
and loads of
money off vouchers
ridiculously amazing offers
Great Things To
get for free
and then sell
to people on
for a profit
get rich quick
and everyone's friendly
to other HUKD'ers
loads of money
or die trying
scrounging from parents
like the scum
manchester united team (couldnt resist, soz)
who will probably
spend spend spend
til they drop
in a bucket
of horse manure
but will they
ask you out
mr steve bennett
shouldn't have sent
that PM oh
no he shouldn't
but he did
because he is
a hairless muppet
who just doesn't
know how to
behave himself and
stop being so
arrogant and rude
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