I want 2 capital D's in the coca cola font maybe entwined for a tat

    I need ideas,not even sure if it would look right entwined or what colour etc

    Helppppppppp pleaseeeeeeeee

    BTW it's not for me its for my OH,on his wrist or maybe a bit further up on the underside of his arm that is!!


    try making a 'rough' one and if you like it perhaps if you took an example of the font to a tattooist (a decent one) he would be able to make a transfer easily...or even freehand it?

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    KInda tried that,well my OH did lol

    Not sure of the colour though,i'm sooooooo indecisive about these things and afterall it's gonna be there for a longgggggggggg time.


    Its better to take your ideas into the actual place and speak to a tattooist... its what they do for a living.

    Not intertwined, but you get the idea...

    Font from ]here

    Loads of fonts here, have a look and a play around to see which you like most

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    The coca cola font is the one i like the most so far BUT i'm not sure about them entwined,any opinions,yay or nay !

    sadiebabes helped with my tat design . You should ask her x

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    sadiebabes helped with my tat design . You should ask her x

    Good idea, thank you & everyone else:)

    Nothing can tell if you like it then actually seeing the transfer.... Go to the artist you want and get him/her to draw you it up its a simple tattoo to do and the coco-cola font is one they more than likely know well....

    They will be happy to draw one up, cause if you like it its bussiness for them

    GL with it. Adam


    [FONT="Century Gothic"][SIZE="2"][COLOR="DarkGreen"]Classy thread.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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