Foo Fighters?

    Did anybody else from HUKD go and see the Foos last night at the MEN? My ears are still ringing ... had a great night, thanks to NatD


    Haven't seen them there, but I did see Dave Grohl's greatness at Hyde Park...was it, last year?
    Stood a mere few feet from the man when he played Everlong...'twas awesome.

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    ... had a great night, thanks to NatD

    Gosh, I just realised how pornographic that sounds:oops:
    For clarity, I should say that NatD posted the deal that got me the tickets. Whilst I'm sure he's a hot piece of stuff, I've only got eyes for my hubby :lol:

    LOL - hope the missus doesn't read that because she did not join me last night!

    Had a great night, better than last time, more comments in the original thread!

    Great to hear some many of you had a good time!

    I could't go

    Seen them at Marlay Park, Dublin in August and they rocked. One of the best gigs i have ever seen.

    The only slight downside was that Grohl came out on his own at the start and done a solo version of Everlong (with the rest of the band joining him for the last minute or so of the song).

    There was nothing wrong with the performance, i liked it, it was just dissapointing to hear their best song first, i was hoping it would be one of the final songs.
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