Food for Granted

    Hey people thought I would post this if anyone in interested in watching, it's a series on the BBC about how how food get's to the UK and the people that source it.

    it's called Blood, Sweat and Takeaways…na/


    Watched the first episode the other day and thought it was very good, especially like the part where one of the english guys nearly pushes the other through a glass window in temper and gets thrown of the show:?

    Sky+ed this but not watched it yet


    Sky+ed this but not watched it yet

    Worth watching it for that bit, i think the word steroids and vanity come to mind, you will see what i mean when you watch it

    Original Poster

    I thought it was a bit much he sure over reacted. Good thing they kicked him off.

    just watched this

    wow, that guy was scary!
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