Food Hampers - Best place for one to be delivered to my Mam


    Anyone know any good hampers that can be delivered direct to my mam for Christmas?

    No jokes and links to the stupid 1000's of pounds ones lol.

    Thanks Guys


    I was sourcing a hamper last week and found most were put of stock but managed to narrow down to Debenhams, Waitrose & M&S.....not sure which are still available but hopefully this should narrow your search down.

    I was looking at spending about £100 and found these sites the best value, ended ip buying a large empty M&S hamper basket and filling it with loads of stuff I bought from Waitrose, saved about £40.

    Hope this helps. :santa:

    Defo agree with previous post. :thumbsup:

    doing you own is best-but i couldn't do that as my nana lives miles away and i can't deliver it myself !

    I ordered from Tesco-they seemed nice-and you get free delivery when it goes through checkout-also try John Lewis...i was tempted by harrods too-don't laugh-they had some lovely small ones reduced to about £20 from £36-but the free post at Tesco swung it for me !

    I ordered one from tesco too and it was a pretty good deal, ordered today at lunchtime and it was despatched by 1600 for delivery tomorrow, quite impressed as it was free delivery

    Original Poster

    Thanx all went with the m&s one

    Merry Xmas guys:santa:
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