Food intolerance test

Posted 7th Jul
Evening all, I’m looking to get a food intolerance test online. Has anyone got any recommendations or any I should stay clear of. Thanks
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Have you spoken to your Dr or surgery?
Go through your GP.

There are so many fake tests out there, like the Bioresonance Tests which are an utter scam.
Had a look into these before. Didn’t go ahead as it seems a scam. Nhs say to keep a log to narrow down what’s causing the issue…ce/
Yeah, was told to keep a good diary for a week for my boy before he get tested
gluten intolerant I bet.

but as others said, make an appointment with your GP, and then keep a log of your daily meals, up until your appointment, it saves time, because your GP will tell you to do that.

they will probably refer you for some tests, and also refer you to a dietitian
Thanks all. I’ve never suffered until about three months ago then started getting a few symptoms. I have both celiac disease and cows milk allergy in the family but not ever had any issues with either of these ( I’m 34) When my family member was diagnosed with celiac disease he had to keep a food diary for 6 months before the doctor would see him, I would assume it would be the same now.
In my view intolerances are growing because food quality is dropping in favor of profits. Pesticides in the wheat is my guess.
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