Food Intolerance Testing..

    Hello. Just wondered if anybody had used any food intolerance testing companies and had accurate results. Which ones are legit?
    Ive been looking into the York test but the price is a bit steep..
    Also theres at a much lower price of £40 i didnt know wether they were legit or accurate..
    Anybodys opinion on such companies.. or personal experience with them is much appreciated..

    Thank You in advance =)


    wont your gp do it for free mine did with my hubby he is now gluten free and they're gonna check my little uns too

    Remember seeing a program that showed they were nonsense and completely random. They did about 6 and all had different results.


    got mine done at the gps -skin test - also holland and barrett health food shop do it sometimes.

    G.P did my son's, shellfish alergy, he's gutted he can't eat prawn crackers anymore.

    Original Poster

    Gps test for allergys.. Not intolerances.. They just recommend a food exclusion diet.. To see what doesnt agree with you..
    Dont They .. ?
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