Posted 23rd Dec 2022 (Posted 3 h, 12 m ago)
We have been given a small food waste recycle bin by our west berkshire council with a start up roll of compostable bags. I only realised yesterday that the clear plastic bags in Lidl store are also food bags that are compostable and be used to continue using in your own small bin. They have the green writing along the side
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    Usually you can just tie one to the handle when your main food bin is emptied (ours is green) and you get another roll so you don't run out. So shouldn't be much need for additional bags from Lidl. (edited)
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    Have to pay for your own in my town.
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    We have to pay for replacements here too
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    Another waste of taxpayers money.
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    Just use newspaper, it holds together better than those bags and decomposes and you don't get any smells either.
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