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Found 20th Jun 2014
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We only buy free range or organic meats and eggs. Dairy did effect our kids when younger but they are fine with pretty much everything now they are older. Don't like tesco meats so we go to Morrisons or sainsburys for that. Did notice a more bigger health difference in myself when cutting back on alcohol than changing to organic food though.

google placebo effect

It's a myth that organic food is nutritionally any different to non-organic. Organic pesticides haven't been Proven to be any better than synthetic ones either

Growth hormones are banned in the EU too

Bottled water may help your skin but that's about it

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You really didn't state what you was eating prior, or whether the change just has been buying organic labeled food (Which can still use conventional pesticides).

Any change from a carb fueled procesed food diet to a "real food" diet (organic or not) is going to have a massive effect on behaviour.

Just eating an apple a day, and drinking more water literally will make your skin glow/feel smooth.

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changed from standard labels to organic labels.
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