FoodHub - New Service Fee for 2023

Posted 14th Jan 2023
New for 2023! A 50p service fee!
4068791-W4NuJ.jpgSo much for advertising themselves as better than Just Eat because they don’t charge service fees.
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  1. Kb64's avatar
    Just eat charge more now too tbf
  2. Misslovely's avatar
    You having a laugh!
    I stopped using Foodhub now as hardly any vouchers
    Argyll68's avatar
    Me too
  3. kingmonkey69's avatar
    Sold themselves as not charging fees and when they get the customer base they shart on their loyal customers.
  4. koppyking's avatar
    I wouldn't be suprised if they get bought out by Just Eat , just like they did with Hungry House.
    Master_Yoda's avatar
    I thought Foobhub is already owned by Just Eat? I remember ages ago when I tried to complain about their services I discovered it was owned by the same company
  5. flang's avatar
    These delivery services are frankly too expensive. I only ever use them now if I have a voucher.

    Everyone now is cutting back so I wouldn't be surprised to see the likes of uber eats or food hub go under as people start saving money and collecting themselves. (edited)
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