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Found 9th Feb 2009
Please help me, I have looked at the ovbious websites such as JJB, JDsports & sportsworlddirect but i have had no luck in finding a pair of football astros which i need by sunday for my football level 1 coaching course! Would use my old pair but im 16 now and they were when i was 14 lol!

Im a size 12 which is the bugger

Rep for all recomendations!


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just a bit more info...

im looking to spend £20 - £30 nothing more as im short on funds this month.

Nike, Puma, Addidas are the brands which i would prefer. NOT umbro, cant stand the soles they make!

From my personal experiance the best shop to buy boots in is a small local sports shop, I find all these large stores a pain in the er neck.

Generally the smaller sports shop is more equipped for the likes of "big foot" and other questions you may have. Its better than a place like JJB with a spotty teenager sptting at you when he speaks.

Hope this is useful and good luck

I got a paif of predators that only cost me £35 and have used them for my level 1 and level 2. They are ideal for normal astro and also Third Gen
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