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Found 3rd Sep 2007
Is it worth buying firm ground boots, for the past 6 years ive always had one pair of boots a season and there always soft ground boots, just wondering is it worth buying a pair of sg's, also need to buy some new fg boots, i don't like light boots, so nothing like the vapours, has any one tried the nike lasers, if so any good?
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It all depends on what type of pitches you play on tbh.

I have a pair of Nike Air Mecurial Legends for hard ground i.e. start of season when pitches are too hard and wont take a stud.

But come winter when the pitches can be boggy FG boots are no use as because the studs are so close together mud collects between them and they become useless grip wise. I have a pair of Puma King Execs (do not buy, comfortable but fall apart) for the winter months.

Oh to play on a bowling green like in the prem week in week out.

In terms of boots to buy I dont buy anything but black boots but i like the look and feel of the new Umbro X boot III and destroyer, but also you cant go wrong with Nike Air Mecurial legends so comfortable and a classic design.

Not a faddy bright (he better play well if he wearing boots like that) yellow colour
I agree with DJNG22, FG for the summer months, SG for the winter, you need a pair of both really to get the best performance.

I recommend the Copa Mundials for FG and the 7406's for SG, both are classic boots, in black (so no one wants to kick lumps out you before the match starts!) and they fit like a glove too.
if ur gonna be playin every week u really need a pair of both. adidas copa mundials (fg) and adidas world cup(sg) are hard to beat. nike air legends are also a decent pair of boots, im wearin the sgs of these at the minute
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