Football club -Loved but abused - £300000000.00

    Due to current economic climate, the above club (of which I am a supporter) is in need of a caring sharing Financier.
    Do you have a few bob spare, do you want to see happy smiling faces (approx 50,000 each fortnight), then this club is for you.
    Only needs a slight bit of alteration, lacks Manager by the name of : Kevin Keegan (also a Mandatory purchase)


    Hope you get a buyer soon. I was delighted that we beat you guys at the weekend but it's a crime to see a great club like yours in a mess like this.

    Andy - Hull City fan

    brb calling accountant.

    So let me get this right, someone will RECEIVE £300,000,000 to run this club. Sorry, I'll have to vote cold but hope you find someone to turn around your fortunes.

    Original Poster

    To: JoshuaCh1v9
    Cheers mate, we are not a bad lot really, just passionate, can't be accused of not caring. Well done though, irrespective of the team we had on the pitch, you're team played well, and deserved the win.

    You reckon kev will come back if the owner sells and Wise gets fired?

    I'll obviously consider it as a medium sized purchase but theres also a offer in liverpool slightly more but you get more smiley faces for your money and a manager for the time being is included!!??

    maybe i can streach to both, ill fone HSBC later!! :thumbsup:

    these 2 have a few bob plus a few well off mates - as said before its a shame one of the best supported teams - good luck :thumbsup: lfc

    I'm not being caught out by this again. I bought WCW on eBay for $10 only to find out Ted Turner sold it offline to Vince McMahon, clearly breaching eBay seller rules. I left him negative feedback, which I don't like to do, but I felt quite let down and deflated by the whole ugly business.


    That is brilliant :-D:-D


    That is brilliant :-D:-D

    best scene so far:thumbsup:

    Don't forget Quidco :whistling:

    "Dog pump?!"

    Im feeling a show by simon Cowell may be a good move

    Britains got Football mangers
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