Football- Free kick

    The other month i saw a clip of a player running up to the ball to take the kick, even though it wasn't for his side. It's quite a famous clip..
    Does anyone know which clip it is? I tried to find it on youtube but can't find it!


    the great illunga mwepu (or summit)…Y88


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    hahahathe great illunga mwepu (or … hahahathe great illunga mwepu (or summit)!

    Thanks! cracks me up!

    the guy was obviously retarded

    I read something ages ago which said that basically the Africans at that time were severley exploited. They were not paid a penny for qualifying (which they did with ease)

    They were promised cash, houses, cars etc but the heads of the fa just had them off and took all the money:x

    Not a good story really:oops:

    This guy lives in DR congo now and is pretty much a tramp!:oops:

    they did this on Fantasy Football's phoenix from the flames.

    It was really funny, i;m sure its on You tube but i could find it :-(
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