football gossip - phillippines want gazza -

    apologies - couldnt find football thread…stm

    shame it couldnt have been a saudi team - would be ideal for the man

    The Philippines national side have said they will offer Paul Gascoigne a football lifeline by making him their next manager. (Daily Star)



    Well ill be amazed if he can make the comeback, but goodluck to him.

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    ddint he get readmitted to a hospital?

    thought he got out

    He got out the next day or something, he's in the Priory now though.

    I don't think there is much truth in the rumors on that list, Gazza is finished with being a football manager, I doubt that Real Madrid would pay Ronaldos fines for not returning to Manchester after Euro 2008 and I doubt very much that Ronaldinho will join Beckham at LA Galaxy for £20 million.
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