Football live on the interenet?

    Does anybody know any good free websites where I can get the football (Man u v Arsenal) online and watch it?. Thanks


    ]My p2p
    Now's a good time really,since you have 3 hours to download the software, i'd recommend ]Sopcast and ]tvants as well as ]VLC
    Please don't ask questions on here about it, there is a great ]forum on that site already and you've SO much more chance of help on there.

    edit: I've just re-read the last line of that; it's not meant to be rude, but sometimes a lot of issues can be very technical and on the forum are some folks who've been using streaming software for years now that's all. It wasn't meant to be nasty.

    Sopcast do not stream EPL matches anymore.


    Sopcast do not stream EPL matches anymore.

    Sure? How about the Wigan/Chelsea game today?

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    Thanks, dont worry didnt take it the wrong way at all, now checking it out , Thanks!



    Sure? How about the Wigan/Chelsea game today?

    Broken link?

    Would this apply for the Newcastle v portsmouth game???

    TVants has been doing my head in for ages - Most of the time no channels load and sometimes they do. >__


    Broken link?

    Site is being HEAVILY used today Guv. They launched to a new site the other day and it's gone down. Link was working before. Go to the ]home page as it settles down.

    Yeah, i've found there are some links up already for The Toon game, and that's gonna be my 3pm game i think. Will be on the Fox Soccer Channel, well it's scheduled to be, and that's on the TVU Player and that's normally a great stream, direct from (ironically) USA lol

    Ok so without sounding dim lol how do i go about getting the toon game? do i have to download something first ie the TVU player, then go to the My2p2p site and click on the game???

    Click on the link i provided previous post, download and install.
    I'll help more when i've watched the rest of the Arsenal vs Trafford FC, ok?
    It's not difficult but might take a while to download the software cos as you can appreciate, it's busy now cos folks want it, they always try and get them on a saturday :roll:

    TVU Alternate download

    Its ok ive done it, thank you, the forum on the myp2p site is great aswell.

    So, you all sorted for the Toon game then now?
    I've got it on and working, stream could be better.....

    As for what you said Tune Up, about TVAnts. All of the streaming is not run by companies, more by individuals, and sometimes, they cannot stream stuff.

    For example, the Premier League contracts were not bought by the same companies as last year, and so the old streamers cannot stream anymore. Some f'in clown of a US DJ, rang the NFL and asked them about internet streaming of games, and for a few weeks it became a nightmare but all back now again, phew.
    It's not as reliable as Sky for sure, but it's cheaper, and there is more choice.....take your pick i guess

    My p2p
    I love them, lots of football matches there
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