Football Manager 07 (pc or xbox 360)

    Wheres the cheapest available for this game?

    Cheapest i can find is 13.99, thanks for any help offered


    That's the cheapest I can find too... however ]Amazon marketplace has it a bit cheaper

    Got mine for £6.50 from Salisbury Town FC a few months ago but pretty sure they ran out of stock.

    £13.99 is the cheapest at

    I am so addicted to this game at the moment my relationship is close to breaking point (i.e. my girlfriend will probably break the keyboard over my head soon)

    Have always prefered the PC versions tbh over consoles, but have not played it on XBOX360

    Is it as good on the 360 as the PC?

    The controls are a bit fiddly if you're used to a mouse, I've got FM 2006 on 360

    Original Poster

    smaller database on the 360, plus u cant add kits and pic packs etc

    £13.99 for pc & £17.97 for 360....

    Is dvduk still the cheapest place to get this.
    Was looking to get the PC or the 360 version (Whichever is cheapest) but was hoping I'd be able to get it for under a £10.
    Any bargains or voucher codes that will take the price down even more or any more recent deals on this game anyone knows about?

    blahdvd have it for £13.99, + you can get £2 off if your a new customer - £11.99 in total. Ordered :0)

    £14.95 from blah on the 360

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