Football Manager 2009 - Data Update

    Hi people, kinda removed Football Manager from my life for a few years now, and tempted to get back in to it, or try anyway.

    So, was wondering, anyone know of a good site, which still produces data updates for the game, and a site that is likely to be one of the first to show any news or info on an update that will incorporate all the latest Winter transfer dealing's too?

    Thanks in advance! : )



    what game you going for? the new patch for 2009 should be out soon with the data update.

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    I already have Football Manager 2009 mate, just not played it, as PS3 kinda took preference.

    I always just go Conference teams though, and takes me to get in to a game first, then i'm hooked, lol!

    Gona wait for new update though.

    I see 9.20 or something is out. Is that the only way data updates are applied nowadays though, along with official patches?


    offical updates yeah, but you can get unoffical ones too. 9.20 was to fix the many bugs. im waiting for the 3rd patch before starting a new game.

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    Cool, any idea's on dates for it?


    no not as yet, hopefully soon tho. got really bored of the game early on, so cheated and put myself in the game at stockport won the premier in 4 years.
    looking to start a new one as soon as the new patch and update comes out. always go man utd first then a lower league team, might even try the french league or holland.

    9.3 is released now
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