Football Manger 2007

    Looking for a good price Saw someone selling a link on ebay for a site selling it for 16.99 anyone got a any good prices for the game


    [SIZE=2]Do a search in the hot deals section as i remember seeing a couple in there recently for about £17-18[/SIZE]

    wot console ????

    pc- ]http//ww…549

    this was priced at 17.99 but its been upped !!! £22.89

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    wot console ????pc- ] … wot console ????pc- ] was priced at 17.99 but its been upped !!! £22.89

    On the pc just wating for the lad on ebay to get back to me if i can get it for 16.99 its wurth a quid

    cheapest i've seen it, is cd wow for £20.49

    i'm sure u can find a £1 or £2 off voucher on here as well.
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