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Found 28th Jan 2009
Deposit and bet £15.00 on football pools through QUIDCO and you get £25.00 cashback from quidco - furthermore, bet £5 of your £15 and you get a further £15 bet token.
So going through quidco you make £10.00 for doing nothing! With the opportunity to win on the £30.00 bets you only paid £15 for!!!!!!!!
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Beware - I thought this as well! Did what they asked in early september ...........still haven't been paid by Quidco even though it has tracked! My advice........having learnt v v quickly is not to go for these just because it looks like free money! Many other people have had the same problem with footy pools and quidco!
Quidco is finally showing as the money being received from my bet on the football pools back in september
Quidco has just been declined for some reason - anybody else having problems?

Mine been declined today???
Mine declined too
It seems a lot of people are having their commisson declined. I've complained bitterly to Quidco - I suggest everyone else do the same, and perhaps they will do something about it (afterall, its Quidco's reputation at risk too).…ck/
After raisng an enquiry mine is back to 'pending'.

Should this be declined again then i will complain and not let this lie. After all, it was due to the Quidco offer that i joined it in the first place!
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