Football teams anagrams

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Found 24th Jun 2008
Follow up to Footballer Anagrams

All are football teams in the top 4 English leagues

1.I'm marching by it - Birmingham City (jah128)
2.Calm huff - Fulham (jah128)
3.Electric yetis - Leicester City - (tony_s)
4.Wet dense lunatic - Newcastle (jah128)
5.To the posh tantrum - Tottenham (jah128)
6.Mr heath or - Rotherham (jah128)
7.His odd grumble - Middlesbrough (midlands)
8.Repay Catcalls - Crystal Palace (midlands)
9.Tits boil, cry? - Bristol City (saveuk)
10.Timed drinkers - Kidderminster (midlands)

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1. birmingham city
2. fulham fc
4. the toon
5. tottenham hotspur
6. rotherham

I'll leave the rest for others!

Original Poster

cant give you more rep because I gave you some this morning

:giggle: I'm having a similar problem myself, all repped out - don't worry about it!

Thanks for setting

9. Bristol city Oo

Original Poster


9. Bristol city Oo

Correct! rep added

3. Leicester City ?

Original Poster


3. Leicester City ?

Yep. Reeeeeeeeeeep added

8. Crystal Palace

7. Middlesbrough

10. Kiddiminster

Original Poster

all right . rep added
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