Footballers biographies/autobiographies

    Anyone know where i can find a list of footballers autobigoraphies.

    Was thinking of buying Ian Wrights, but don't know if he has a recent one (I know he has 1996 one)
    Also was interested in people like Le Saux, Ince, Rio Ferdinand, Owen, Beckham etc

    Any ideas?

    PS: Ian Wrights is the one i want the most
    PSS: Also especially interested in managers - Alex Ferguson, Wenger, Benetiz, Mourinho etc


    Would def read Gazzas, its called My Story.

    I think he has done another one also.

    Original Poster

    Thanks all

    Paul McGraths is great read, never realised he had so many prblems, and the heights he could've reached.

    Tony Adams and Stuart Pearce were both quite good reads.
    Steve Claridge's autobiography is supposed to be very good.


    Plastic Irishman Cascarino's is interesting also..... especially when you know him and many of the people mentioned!
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