Ordering hassle, Orders cancelled.


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    My son ordered some Nike high tops they took order (He paid using Halifax reward) 2 days later they cancelled saying there was a problem, some security issue .

    I then ordered them using my Halifax reward card which also has plenty of funds available. They took this order as well but have also cancelled it 2 days later, today (I only checked emails today @6 ish so customer service was closed at footlocker)

    Has anyone else had this when ordering from Footlocker using a Visa Debit (Halifax Reward) and know the reason for the failure to take payment or to fulfil order? or had they orders in the last week cancelled like this.

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    I gave them another chance and ordered on a credit card with over £7,000 credit limit and they took the order and money then cancelled it 4 days later again. Fn Muppet's
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