For 2006 old timers: Samsung LE32R41BD from Freemans for £675 Spring 2006

    I think HUKD has deleted their archive of anything over four years ago maybe or I'd of replied.

    Anyways at the time this was a £1100-£1300 in Comet Currys etc so a big deal was made when it was £675 before cashback on HUKD, I was on that got one.
    Internet sales have smartened up alot since then so unlikely to see 40% codes used like that again.

    Just curious if anyone still has theirs, still using it? Sold it? Did it break?

    My remote broke and ordered a simulated remote from a Samsung type specialist.

    It was tv to a pc followed by that and V+/SkyHD usage.

    I just upgraded to a UE37B6000VW as I'm still in a house share so the LE32R41BD which is working fine bar maybe one dead pixel and some darkened patches on very few images, has been consigned to the living room finally taking over an old crt.

    I'd be impressed if anyone has a tv lasting over 5 year still in use in this day and age mind.

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