For a bloke what colour se? Space grey or gold and white?

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Found 17th Jan
Really like both currently have a 4s in black. Which of the iphone se u prefer space grey or white and gold? For a man ...All comments appreciated

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I prefer silver/white or gold/white. It's just something about white being a nice fresh colour and almost any case can suit the phone.

I have a iPhone 7 in Matte Black and I regret getting it. Can see white speckles of dust on the phone and it's quite irritating. OCD kicks in and I'm constantly wiping my phone and taking it out of its case to give it a wipe down. But in the end it's your preference.

Gold looks good I have iPad in gold as well

Whatever you choose you likely put a case on it anyway. I can't recommend this case enough

iPhone SE Case, Spigen [Rugged Armor] Resilient [Black] Ultimate protection from drops and impacts for Apple iPhone SE / 5S / 5 - (041CS20167)

However if you want a clear case get this one:

iPhone SE Case, Spigen® [Ultra Hybrid] AIR CUSHION [Metal Slate] Clear back panel + TPU bumper for iPhone SE / 5S / 5 - Metal Slate (041CS20248)…BS7

Have you visited a phone shop to actually see them up close? This might make your mind up for you. You might not like one when you see it. Personally, if you have black now, I would go for polar opposite and go for white/gold, or white/silver.

why should it matter?

Both are really nice and suitable for a man.

As Shywallflower says - best visit a shop to decide.

My preference is the Gold/white.


Do you really need help on deciding what colour phone you should get? oO

"Dont judge a man by his phone-unless its white"

Let's be honest it will end up in a phone case so colour does not matter

White & Gold

Does anyone in the world even use an iPhone without a case? I don't think I've even seen one caseless recently unless it's about five years old.

Grey. Gold phones aren't really for guys.

Definitely not gold.

Black/ space grey. My husband buying one on Monday and it's the only colour he would consider. I must admit it does look great

I always think gold is a girly colour for mobile phones. I am female and even i hesitate with gold. Saw a bloke with gold phone last month and he looks so fem.

If i were a bloke i would avoid white and gold as they are female colours, but that is my personal opinion. Others may differ.

A dark front surround is better on a mobile for watching things in my opinion, Space Grey

Had Space G i5S and White 6S currently - SG colour is defo better

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Do you really need help on deciding what colour phone you should get? oO

Yes Ross hence my question

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Thanks for all input sounds good! White gold it is
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