For a HTPC, Can you use any matx motherboard?

    Hi looking to build a HTPC

    Can you use ANY, and i mean ANY matx motherboard?

    Or is it like the shuttle pc's, that you can only use certain ones.



    it depends on the case!

    More likely than not.

    I'd be looking at a nice AMD 780/785G matx board for a HTPC setup.


    it depends on the case!

    A few HTPC-style cases will even accept ATX motherboards.

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    So are you saying it doesnt really matter?


    So are you saying it doesnt really matter?

    No, Which motherboard will fit in the case depends on which case you go for. Some will be very small and only use ITX motherboards, a lot are mATX size and a few are even wider and allow for ATX motherboards. And as you've pointed out some, like shuttle, use custom motherboards.

    As above, depends on the case, look for the form factor, I've got a htpc case for a full ATX motherboard as i wanted to house all my components of my gaming rig ( ATX board, cooling fan and 8800gtx graphics card)

    But this case needs a large tv stand as its quite deep and the noise is quite loud from my graphics fan + dvd drive..

    I think custom pc recommends this case (matx)…790
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