For all those who got the Orange Samsung F210 Blue deal and have not received it yet.

    I got a mail from orange today, saying they cannot complete my order due to having no stock, they offered a refund or a choice of 3 alternatives.

    1st was a samsung slider, e320 or something like that, which is pretty cheap everywhere.

    2nd was a samsung j700 in purple, which is an ok phone but still not all that good an alternative.

    3rd was a Motorola Rokr e8 !!!!!! On the Orange recon site at £81 + £10 top up, it's the motorola phone with the keyboard that changes appearance dependant on what function you use. 2gb internak memory expandable using cards upto 6gb!

    They have said they will honour the price given for the orignal order if you want to choose one of the 3 phones, I obviously went for the 3rd Motorola Rokr e8 as it seems like a steal.

    Just thought I'd let you all know, as incase anyone else out there, like me, had paid a while ago and not heard anything from orange.


    Yes had the same too.

    Original Poster

    Did you go for Rokr e8 too ???

    No actually went for the J700 as it was for my Daughters B'day however they did state that they may still deliver the F210 if they had it available.

    They have offer me £50 or another phone, they are ring me tomorrow to confirm what phone I want.

    Orange are an unprofessional bunch of idiots.
    i had teh same problem with my order Samsung f210

    tehy sent me email, giving me alternatives..obviously went for the E8, also wanted to know if i had to pay the difference so i phone in the next morning...stupid woman on the phoen goes that yeah i will have to pay the i cancelled..then receieve an email saying that my moto e8 has been dispatched out their warehouse and its i phoned in again saying i thought i cancelled it, tehy go No, and i go yeah i did cos iv been told that i had 2 pay more...the man goes no thats not true so i was quite pleased..he even confirmed my order is still valid and package is on its way and should recieve within a day or two. now 3 days past no orange they go its been cancelled,..i explained everything and was talking to some idiot for about 45 mins and their stupid manager did not understand that i had been mislead by countles number of staff over the 2 weeks phoning in asking about my order being reassured that its on its in the end got furious and told em to stuff their phone and make sure my money is back in my account! flipping fools!


    is anyone else having trouble getting their refunds? after numerous calls and assurance that it will go into my bank...3 weeks on nothing...and i feel im getting no further!!!

    Same here was promised 10 working days from the 9th of January which has come and gone


    today orange tell me i have had my refund!! but nothing has gone in my bank. i have spent around 4 hours in total on the phone to them (inc time on hold!) being given excuse after excuse but now they says its in my bank when clearly it aint:-(

    I have had a partial refund but not been refunded the £10 top i have emailed their complaints dept
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