For all you not-so-serious ebayers

Turn up your speakers and click on this


wow people have a lot of time of their hands


wow people have a lot of time of their hands

Not really. In fact that song is VERY old. Well, a few years at least. It's been on my MP3 player for well over a year now.

The guy who made it isn't just some sadistic person who likes to write funny songs... he actually has his own TV show in America.

Google "Weird Al", he's written a LOT of parody songs... they're great.

Isn't he that "Cows with guns" guy...?


Other favourites are "I'm fat" (a parody of "I'm bad"), "another one rides the bus (queen parody), girls just wanna have lunch (cindy lauper). Oh, and my favourite is "Condo Number 5" - a take on "Mambo Number 5".

There's literally hundreds of them.

While your on the subject of ebay (and by the way hello everyone!) I've just been looking for a new car and stumbled accross this ebay listing...the seats are not for the feint hearted but I trust there was enough room to survive.

Search for 4642154253

Weird Al must have been one of the most downloaded artists when Napster was first around. I think he must have allowed all his parodies to be uploaded, as that's when he became most well known

Some of them are good, some of them are stupid, most of them are funny

Like ducky says, there's hundreds of them :roll:

Welcome back uiaman

Who would have guessed this statement from those photos :lol:

eBay Seller

PLEASE NOTE It will not come with a V5 It is for parts only and can never … PLEASE NOTE It will not come with a V5 It is for parts only and can never be registered with DVLA

Hey uiaman!! :thumbsup:

Was getting worried about you (as other know). You hadn't posted since mid-April.

Stick around... we need a laugh.

You need a laugh? I need a laugh!! Stuck in this hole writing a dissertation 24/7 like a monk writing the bible, only a monk probably gets more action than me!

Seriously when I'm done theres going to one mass BBQ for hardcore HotUkDealers. We'll use duckys legendary 49p spatulas and I'm offering free food to whoever purchased 10 Toy Dysons a while back!

:lol: You have a great memory my friend!!
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