Posted 24th Dec 2022
My plans are ruined! Just kidding, obviously I didn't have any plans and I have no friends. Seriously though, having a nose that will not stop running really does put a downer on my television watching marathon

If you too are unwell, feel free to moan/complain/rant as much as you like
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    Keep getting your boosters, you’ll have no immune system left just in time for the privatised NHS .
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    I feel your pain also, for the last 2 weeks ive been caring for my son who was off school with an evil 'covid like' virus, hes only just getting better and hes a fit 9 yr old. Then i caught it4 days ago, I was in a&e all yesterday (well 8 hrs on) on nebuliser, lung problems can't fight virus, still very bad tbh. Thank god for @sarden84 helped Mr buy my 9 Yr olds gaming pc before I became ill or my poor lad would have nothing .... bah humbug! Now need to set it up ... moan over, thanks I feel better hope you all have as good a Xmas as is possible when you're ill x
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    Me! It's me, I'm unwell solidarity to ya, and Merry Christmas anyway
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    I will be fine once my xmas day movie is on.

    Pulp Fiction.
    Die hard all the way
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    Had Covid on summer Bank Holiday now whooping cough. Does that make you feel better?
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    XKCD always cheers me up
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    Swallow raw garlic for a cold, helps me in 2-3 days
    Hope you all feel better soon!
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    I'm not but my mum who doesn't like Christmas is. Nearly everyone at my daughter work has a cold, so no doubt she will get it in a few day
    Alcohol has antimicrobial agents (says google), so have a very merry tipsy Christmas to ensure you don't get sick
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    My wife and I have been bouncing an illness between us since November, I'm coughing up god knows what kind of liquids and she's on antibiotics. Thankfully my son only had it for a week and my daughter has been away at uni.

    It's not Covid (we've tested negative) but we have felt so ill. We are just hoping it eases up for tomorrow, even just a little bit. (edited)
    It sounds like what we've had, we also tested negative for covid and flu, I also hope you feel a little bit better tomorrow so you can try to enjoy your day x
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    Thanks, I've heard it works for vampires too x
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    Hot Lemonade, Whisky and Honey.
    I believe its called a hot toddy, it always sets me on the path to getting Flu out as well as a couple of Paracetamol's every 4 hours.

    When I know I have got a chest infection due to the colour of the crap coming up then it's gotta be antibiotics and steroids for me, if I don't catch it quick enough then I have to have IV antibiotics.
    Me too x
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