For anyone who bought a beddy bear when they were posted up here

    You might like to read this.... link on next post.

    Just be extra carefull and if bought for kids, don't let them heat them themselves.


    OMG This is terrible..

    are these the teddies from ?

    Hmmm, 82 year old lady, using technology................

    No chance that is was set for 2 hours instead of 2 minutes then ?

    Original Poster


    OMG This is terrible..are these the teddies from ?

    The beddy bears are the teddies but that's not what the woman was using. They are made with the same materials though which is why I thought I'd post a warning.

    I've got one and i'll make sure I never keep it in for a lil bit extra now.

    Good point LadyMadonna, rep to you

    Original Poster

    Thanking you


    Yeah those are sold on Play, but these slightly different....

    Well spotted LadyM


    Thanking you

    Your welcome :thumbsup:
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