For anyone who ordered Wii Fit from LIttlewoods Direct

Has anyone recieved their order yet?

My girlfriend ordered me Wii Fit on April 25th but when she ordered she was told she wouldn't get it till October. I think that's pretty strange to me that you'd have to wait six months for delivery. Has anyone else ordered Wii Fit from Littlewoods director had this problem with Littlewoods direct before?


Argos have them. Cancel the order.

true, but Argos have them only in store and don't know in which of them...


true, but Argos have them only in store and don't know in which of them...…lay

Erm, welcome Start/Select and PHiLiPZ

What area are you in?

Hi, I'm in Cambridge in Cambridgeshire. Didn't find any Argos that has those in stock, but have been searching only in Cambridgeshire and partially in London.

Original Poster

*thanks for the welcome, I'm from the manchester area.

I don't think I can cancel the order, considering she ordered it but she managed to get a big discount off it (down to about £45) so I don't think she'd be too keen on cancelling to pay the full price for it.
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