For dieters to read and for those wanting a healthier diet.

    My mom sent me this link to read and I think I'll be buying the book to have a look at. If you're not interested in losing weight or having a healthier diet then don't read it- simple as!! (Link in next post)



    i dont believe in all that rubbish

    :thumbsup:I really DO believe it _ when an oldie like me looks back to my mum and the diet of years ago yes I agree we are all eating far too much processed food now and I think that is the reason for so much obesity these days, an extremely interesting read - I might even get the book - only £5.95 Amazon
    thank you for posting repped

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    i dont believe in all that rubbish

    What do you believe in?

    Isn't she the woman from Celebrity Fat Club?

    I've got the Paul MacKenna hypnosis CDs, I think they only work if you're 100% committed to losing weight. I "believe" that if you think it could work, give it a go - different things work for different people.:thumbsup:

    If it worked, it would be all over the news etc etc, everyone would be doing it.

    to lose weight and eat good, it takes discipline and dedicated.

    Imo if you need books or slimming groups then you aint mentally ready to lose the weight and are looking for quick miracle cures. It really is easy to lose weight, but it takes willpower and sacrifice and physical work, end of.

    paul mckenna weight loss is awesome......

    for me its a vicious circle that i need to get out of,for a start i dont lose weight easily i have to work hard to get it of

    i feel fat,unhappy and have no confidence in general,i then eat,feel guilty about it then get deppressed,i feel so much better when i lose weight i just wish i had some family support so i could get to the leisure centre more often

    i need motivation!!!

    and being addicted to this site doesnt help either



    What do you believe in?

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