for eggman!

    New Beatles' album released on November 20th! :thumbsup:

    My OH has already added it to his Christmas list:…757



    Is this 4 real? 1st i've herd about it. I only have all the beats and John/Yoko(Lennon/Ono/Plastic Ono band originals. That's all I listen too. Sad I know. Oh here goes some more of my money. I luv it really. Thanx 4 the heads up.

    An old(and happier) hippy. Keep on postin good friends.

    Original Poster

    We saw it announced on Ceefax this afternoon.

    We are both Beatle fans and have every CD stored on iTunes. There are 430 songs in our Beatles playlist (some different versions and recordings of the same songs) which take 18hrs.30mins.1second to play. That doesn't include of course John's and George's albums.

    Can't wait to hear the "78 minutes of 'new' Beatles material". Free as a Bird was fantastic!


    Noticed U have all the Cds. I have all the original vinyl, singles, EP's, LP's.

    Sorry U may not hav experienced the joy of pre ordering a Beatles LP in the 60's and when U collected it at the record shop - to actually hold that vinyl in your hands with the anticipation of getting it home and playing it 4 the first time - boy, oh boy. - seeing that apple label spin - and then the opening masterpiece title tack - wow! Blew your mind.

    Original Poster

    No contest intended here, we just love the Beatles.

    We have most of the vinyl LPs etc. stored away but they were played so often that many are worn out. We were given presents of the tapes and then the CDs.

    The iTunes list just means they can be played non stop whenever we like. :thumbsup:


    No contest intended, my friend, I just got carried away, oh, and yes I will have your post in my stocking at Christmas - rest assured. Many regards.
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