For Every Liverpool Fan - How Many Can You Get??

Found 8th May 2009
Found this little quiz

quite good trying to remember some old players…812
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i got 86
Ohh will do this when I get home tonight
Wouldn't waste my time.

Wouldn't waste my time.

dont do it then :whistling:
you know I couldn't help myself having a wee go, recon I could get at least 50 :w00t:
I know 55
I'm not a liverpool fan and I just breezed through them quickly but I just scored 44 :oops:

Most of the ones I don't know are either waaaay beyond my time or they look a bit different in the pics to when I used to know them.

I bet my gf is gonna beat me though...and have a laugh and think she knows more about footy than me. :x

EDIT: that was without any clues or anything...I know a lot of you will cheat though. :giggle:
Got 99/100 - haven't got a clue who number 83 is.

Make that 100/100 it's D***y G*****e
only got 86 :oops:

julian dicks is not a footballer :x
cool, shame we cant spell rofl ;-)

cool, shame we cant spell rofl ;-)

can't ;-)
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