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OK. So you're after a cheap deal on a V3x or a N70??

The cheapest V3x works out at about £17.70 per month after cashback and the N70 works out at £21.7p per month after cashback.

If you would like the links then let me know. I think you'd be better off going with the 6680 I posted in the Hot Deals forum because it does a lot of the things the others can do.

Do you want to know about any other phones?


I Just want to thank Duckmagicuk2 for all of his help he has giving me 2nite (considering the time it must have taken him and considering the time it is now) !!

your help is much appreciated

This kid knows his stuff about mobiles !!!

Thanks again :thumbsup:

Basically I would like a reasonable phone e.g v3i, v3x, n70, 6680

It must be compatible with my motorola bluetooth headset

and finally most important of all - preferably 500 mins

Any links or other info would be greatly appreciated.

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Oh, I see... it's the 500 mins you want. I'll take a look. I tmight have to wait until the morning though. I need my brain rest. :lol:

I would go for the refurb Nokia 6680 if I were you. It's £70 for the year which is for 400 minutes and is a damn good deal.

Hi duckmagicuk2, have u found any good 500min contracts yet?

By the way does anyone know if there are any mobile companies who still do 0800 numbers for free like they're supposed to be? I know Orange now charge for freephone numbers and i remember three always have - what about the others?

Thanks for the tip moosey
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