For Mobile deals - Phone the operators up - Great Deals can be had

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Found 2nd Nov 2009
Hi, I spent ages trawling the websites and checking out the the end I phoned up a couple direct to get a deal, for example Vodafone...
Nokia 5800 - Free
300 Minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited Internet
10 free music tracks
£15 a month x 24 months...with a free upgrade after 21 months

On the website £15 a month doesn't give you the internet or a Nokia 5800...cheapest unlimited internet deal is £25 a month with 75 minutes and 250 texts.

The moral is ring them up and ask, you may get a deal you weren't expecting!


T-Mobile are the worst, and yes... I did ring them up when my contract expired end of September.

They have in place, a system whereupon you log in to the member centre on the last month of your contract to see what it offers you. I was offered £5 off line rental a month, for another 18 month contract, or a brand new mobile (and let me say now, these very VERY basic!) with a charge. The minimum of which was £45, and again... an 18 month contract. In effect, asking me to PAY to stay with them.

When I rang them up and explained that it would be easier, and cheaper to cancel my contract, and start a new one thus getting the LATEST mobile, they seemed to couldn't care less. Nothing was offered to me, and my bills have been paid on time every month with none missed or delayed.

As it stands I'm on Sim Only with T-Mobile (paying £20 a month) for 600 mins, Unlimited Texts & Unlimited Internet. I still have the same mobile, but it's done me proud (Samsung G800) over the years.

So... this advice isn't exactly true for all networks, as I've had a bad experience. Wouldn't mind a new mobile, but I'm not paying stupid amounts of money for it, for them to get a new customer. Aside from that, there isn't really any mobiles out at present which seem to tickle my fancy. The OmniaPRO is due out very soon which looks decent (as well as the specs) but no operator have given details about when it'll be released or even if they'll stock it.

The best place to probably seek advice would be the Carphone Warehouse. As long as you know what you want and know a little about what's out there, you'll be fine. Otherwise vote with your feet and go elsewhere.

He's talking about taking a new contract, not negotiating a good retention deal.

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I have discovered that retention is a bit hit and miss, however, I have had great experience with on retention, T-Mobile may fib, they told me that they only share part of the network with virgin, what they didn't say is Virgin also use Orange for rural which would be better for me, My Dad is with Vodafone at my recommendation originally and he thinks they are superb.
All I am trying to say is, before you commit to any deal, spend some time making a few calls, way up your options then make your choice....although they say their best deals are online, in my experience that may not always be the case!
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