For our non Scottish friends-Des mclean! very funny man!

    link in post below-just type "des mclean" into youtube for many more-he does the morning radio wind ups in scotland and his stand up shows are legendary-check him out!

    Adult content btw


    bit of a poor sketch that 1 tho i do like him

    me too! we just seen him in panto the night the fire alarm went off!

    did any of you guys see the one with george bowie singing club tropicana? i cant find it on youtube now!

    Glaswegian Rockie is awesome and his billy connolly is amazing.

    "I'm Humbled and ashamed to write this."


    ^^ Sweary words ^^

    Original Poster

    got tickets to see him on 12th march

    He's funny.This is his best........…ETM

    Chinese Ned is funny as hell.

    Has nasty words, for the faint of heart.

    I absolutely LOVE Des. He has me crying with laughter!!! My son also loves him but is too young to go see his live shows. He got a dvd of his radio wind ups at christmas and we played it only last week and is just brilliant.

    The Plunger is the funniest thing ever................haw you, wit ye talking aboot ya nugget, your deed ya bampot YA ROCKET
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