FOR SALE: 10000 chelsea champions of europe 2008 t-shirts flags....

    i was workin today and as soon as the game finished out came the man united 3 times champs etc t-shirts

    and i thought there must be like a few thousand shirts in london that will go to waste 2nite... some people must've made a decent loss on them


    The same people are also probably making the Man U ones, so they offset the cost of the ones that go in the bin quite quickly because they have made such a huge profit on their dodgy goods so sharpish
    Or at least thats what I think will happen,


    Cold deal!!!

    Awwwwwwwww nothing worse than the shattered ego's - whoever lost.

    Good game though, ebbed and flowed back and forth a bit, too tight to call - blighted a bit by too much whistle from that annoyingly pompous referee.

    I didn't really care who won really, but I am loving all those Liverpool fans now looking over their shoulders at their position in the pecking order.

    Good to see ex-hammers winning Utd the european cup, well done Rio and Tev(not carrick btw), felt sorry for JT and especially Frank. They'll come again. chin up.

    p.s. that Drogba is embarrasing at times, he's like the footballing equivalent of a supermodel - talk about high-maintenance!

    impartial observer, but felt very sorry for Chelsea seeing as they struck woodwork twice and only missed decisive penalty when Terry slipped..........

    yet only had one shot on target throughout the game.

    For the chelsea fans: :):whistling:


    For the chelsea fans: :):whistling:

    omg so funny, classic

    Original Poster

    i mean y not just give those shirts to a 3rd world country or sommet

    taht way if there was any good talent out there they wud think that chelsea are some really successful european club and they want to play for them!
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