FOR SALE xbox 360 Games and Wii Games

Found 7th Feb 2011
Im wanting to list some of our games for sale, but are unsure what to ask for.

Can anyone please suggest the prices I should be asking for.

Xbox 360 Games
Gears of War 2
G force
Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts
Midnight Club Los angeles Complete edition
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Ebay completed listings.
in before 7 day rule variant
Gow 2 is £6 a few places.

in before 7 day rule variant

erm not sure what you mean by this comment?

erm not sure what you mean by this comment?

Refering to the usual response that I am about to give you regarding the 7 day rule.

One you have a price comparison, you cannot list here for another 7 days from closure of this thread.
When I sold a Xbox 360 plus a few games was find out how I'd get for each one from the likes of Cex etc and then use something like to find the new price and just go somewhere fair and in between. It worked for me on eBay and it all sold pretty well and so should sell reasonably well on here too, if not, then you have your Cex money guarenteed to fall back on.
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