For Sale/Trade - 1 Football Manager.

    Hi all, really hoping somebody can take this off my hands.

    I have here 1 Newcastle United Manager. The model name is Kevin Keegan, the battery life is uncertain and the current mileage doesn't look good.

    Would ideally like to trade off for something with a bit more experience, perhaps something a little less curly of hair.....

    Might even accept a trade for Pro Evo on xbox 360 so I can learn to do a better job myself.

    I appreciate that I might be operating at a loss here so am prepared to double the current market value of "the lump" and throw in a shiny new pound coin on any accepted offer

    The ideal replacement - going on current market research - would appear to be a little bit French and a bit of a whisky drinker.

    Awaiting your offers.




    republic of ireland mite be intereseted in your offer

    Original Poster

    lol. if you are looking for qualification of any kind, i'd prolly give it a miss

    Typical overreacting geordies.

    Here i was hoping someone was flogging Football Manager the game!

    Always laughed at the media hype for "the messiah" Kevin Keegan.

    So overrated its annoying.... He is a joke of a manager, and will be taking them down rather than up the league!

    Oh well, Geordies never give no manager a chance as they think they deserve to be top of the league when realistically they're sh!t. Alan Smith is a joke up front!

    some people are never happy
    1 minute hes the new messiah , next they want him sacked
    bring on shearer next and see if he can take you down

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    Oh well, Geordies never give no manager a chance as they think they … Oh well, Geordies never give no manager a chance as they think they deserve to be top of the league when realistically they're sh!t. Alan Smith is a joke up front!

    Couldn't agreee more. It seems we're always touted as a huge club, when we aren't - just a large loyal following. Our fans need to accept that if we finish top half of the table, thats a good season.

    We always pack the midefield during the transfer windows and always bring in second half forwards and p1ss poor defenders. Should have cashed in on Owen end of last season.

    Manager will need this season plus at least 1-2 more, before everybody understands everybody else, and the work out a styl of play that will compliment everyone.

    There..... Done. Said. Gospel.

    4-1 What a result :lol:

    We love Carew :-D

    I am not impressed!!
    Let Kev get his own players in then we can judge him, he is playin with the Championship players that Fat Sam bought. (He needs to learn Smith, Butt, Carr and Ameobi should not start games).

    All I can say is boro are above us!!
    Mackems ares 2 points below us!!

    Our next few games:
    Man Utd (H)
    Blackburn (A)
    Liverpool (A)

    Pompy (A)
    Derby (A)
    Everton (H)

    It will be unthinkable if both get above us.

    I’m going to bed tonight not happy with the current state of our club.

    The only way we can stop sliding down the table is to go out and attack teams, scored goals and create chances!! If you dont have chances you can score goals and to be fair the way we are giving away goals we need to score more.

    We need Faye to start as he is about the closest person we have to a commanding experienced CB. Play Enrique and Beye as our full backs.

    We really need 2 things here someone that can put his foot on the ball and make smart passes to start attacks (not wasteful with the ball and lose it ‘Butt’ style). I think the only player we have that is close to this is Barton but he has got to get back to his Man City days if not maybe play Faye here as at least he is solid. And then a player in Attacking Mid that can create something from nothing with one touch passing & killer ball as well as break into the box. At the minute it is far to easy for teams to defend against us because they are only marking our strikers and don’t have the sudden run from an attacking mid to cover.
    I think for this Att Mid the closest we have is Emre or N’Zogbia which could fill this.
    We have wingers in Duff and Milner (I know we need competition but January is over) Lua Lua can provide cover for right if needed.

    If we created half the chances that other ‘european contenders’ produced I garantee owen and martins/ viduka would have a field day. Owen is a poacher/ finisher without chances he will be lost with chances he is lethal. Martins pace and Viduka hold up play can provide to variations for him to play with. I do think we need rid of Smith and bring in another Strong Striker (Or if we could tempt Henry lol :)).

    ***By the way before anyone says anything I am joking about Henry - would be nice but not going to happen.

    i will tell you this i will love it if someone takes him of your hands

    I will give you a bent paperclip for him

    It's the sh*te Keegan inherited, not just from Big Sam but also Roeder and Souness, let Keegan get on with the job. Get behind the team, we have a real struggle ahead of u to even stay in the division, Our next 3 games, Man Ure, Liverpool and Blackburn. Jose or nobody could of done alot with the team we have, get real! We ain't a top 4 team anymore we aren't even a top 1/2 team the sooner all Geordies realise and accept this the better, what this club needs is stability we haven't had that since Keegans 1st spell. He'll get it right, and with the backing of Big Mike He'll bring in some quality in the summer.

    At least he's done Leeds fans a favour by taking Wise north (where no one will understand what he's saying!). Wise turns out to be useless without Poyet.
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