For sale/Trade thread

    I'm trying to sell things on the for Sale/trade thread and was wondering if any one had any advice how to get people to trust you and purchurse from you when you have low feedback.

    Unfortunately I have no feedback on here, it's also my first time selling items on here too.

    Any help/advice would be appreciated.



    You can send first to members with high feedback & buy things from other members which will also build up your feedback.

    First of all, mention any feedback you have for trading elsewhere e.g. ebay. I also suggest selling low-value items to begin with as buyers are more likely to pay up front for something that doesn't cost much. Your reputation will then grow accordingly.

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    Thanks for the feedback, I have recently bought a few games on here so hopefully I will get some feedback off that. I just hope things can pick up soon I guess. I spose you never know though ey!

    make sure you follow the rules hun, when selling or buying. always be forthcoming with your postal address and stuff, i find i trust the person more if they do this. cos you can ring and check or google the address to see if it is a house not waste land.
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