For the 360 gamers out there...

I've just been wondering when the Call Of Duty 5 Beta will be out, its confirmed its going to be this month as its an early November release. Just wondering if anyone knows any inside news as to when it will be? God knows how they are going to fix the issues we all find :P


Try pre-ordering it at Game there giving codes out tomorrow i think and are going to be giving codes too but i don't know there date on that.

Are there any for PS3?

nope. 360 only. gonna have to sit and wait im affraid.

"QUESTION: Will there be a PS3 beta? If not, why?
ANSWER: No, there won't be a PS3 beta. The Xbox 360 and PC environments will provide the feedback that we need to make any back-end technical modifications to the co-op and multiplayer features, which means an optimized experience for everyone, independent of the console they own."

plenty of info here:

I get mine tomorrow :):):)

How come?
Cos you preorder?


How come?Cos you preorder?


Try pre-ordering it at Game

The above is what the bf did, so he should be getting it soon.. so tomorrow? awesome... i didnt do it like.. but i can wait for the full game *excitement!!*


How come?Cos you preorder?

Dear Customer,

Thank you for preordering Call of Duty: World at War from

We hope you are as excited about this latest installment to the Call of Duty franchise as we are.

You may or may not be aware that we are now offering bonuses with any preorders of Call of Duty on the PC, PS3 and 360 formats. Naturally you are included in this offer however the Call of Duty site itself is not quite ready for us.

You will receive an email next Friday including your offer code and directions on how to redeem the preorder bonuses. Until then please just hold tight. For more in-depth information on what you will be receiving please consult [URL="wlmailhtml:{66D90A1B-B1F5-4F16-ABED-D7F63548AFC3}mid://00000020/!x-usc:"][/URL] and select your relevant format.

Thank you for your patience


The Customer Service Team

Got that email last week, roll on tomorrow for Beta code goodness

£31.15 at GAME after all rewards, cashback and discounts are added together + £3 off voucher NW05GME6

Great Price for what's gonna be an awesome game - just gotta find a £5 off code for GH4 now...

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Got my Beta code today
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