For the older generation amongst us lol, do you remember plastic records ???

    do you remember the old 45" viynil record, someimes like in the melody maker or nme you used to get free really think like plastic ones that were all floppy but once you put it on top of a normal record it would still play, can your remember the real name for these please, thinking caps on please lol


    I remember them as "freebies". And I'm not sure what you categorise as "The Older Generation" ? 20y+?

    i think they were called diskettes??

    Can't find anything to confirm this on a quick search but my OH says they were called acetates.

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    acetates, thats it i have found them, thanks everyone,…tml

    they are called flexi discs here but the free ones with cereals and mags were called acetates

    flexidiscs is the correct name for the mass produced cover mounted giveaways-acetates were only produced in very small quantity as a promo thing for artists/labels etc. acetates only had so many plays in them then they were useless.

    I remembered flexi discs. I was thinking floppy disc at first! They were terrible, half the time they didnt work.

    i remember creasing them and then trying toplay them again! Aah such fun times us oldies had!!!
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