For those of you who have opened up your 360s...

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Found 3rd Sep 2008
I recently got the RROD, bought myself a X-Clamp replacement kit off of ebay and did the job. Everything is working again now but it seems as though i've knackered a thermosister on the board as the fans now go full speed at all times (e.g. like a jet engine...)

They're pumping out cool air so it's definately not heating up to the extent the fans think it is, but I was wondering whether theres anything I can do to make the fans calm down short of the 12v/7v solder mod...?

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You've made a mistake of some kind.

I sometimes get the same thing after rebuilding, try taking a 1/4 turn off the new clamps and try it again

The fans will be fine i reckon, even if you end up having to start again (which you might)

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See I thought that - I've opened it up a couple of times to check the placement of things and everything is set. I even tried dropping the number of washers down to one per bolt and it's exactly the same - same thing happens if I loosen things up a tad. Thermal paste is distributed nicely etc.

something is definately amiss

1 washer above the motherboard or underneath?

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1x Spring washers beneath mobo per bolt, 2x normal washers above mobo per bolt.

Hand-tightened w/ socket wrench (until resistance)

Arctic silver thermal paste layered only w/ central dab on primary / secondary GPU and CPU.

As I say, i've tried reducing the washers down to one per bolt and loosening the bolts. The only other thing I could try is re-doing the thermals, but from what I could see it wouldn't cause a problem. The GPU is now working perfectly, but it seems as though the heat sensor near the CPU (which controls both fans) is picking up something that isn't there.

All sounds fine tbh, i wouldn't use just 1 washer above the mobo though as you'll warp the hell out it when you tighten everything down

If it was me..........i'd start again (honestly)

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Do you think it would be best to use the spring washer above the the mobo and the two below?

I use a spring washer and a plastic washer underneath and a regular metal and a plastic washer above

Always works for me like

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Yeah everyone told me that plastic was a bad idea.

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Bought myself some better thermal grease, cleaned it all off and reattached the heatsinks. Now works quieter than before!
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