For those that are wondering !?!?! what i did with the champions league tickets

    I thought id let you know what i did with the champions league tickets so people can stop PMing me to see if i still have them.

    I asked around work a few people wanted them but couldnt get the time off
    i could not sell them on ebay as its not allowed and i didnt want to sell them on for loads as i didnt want to rob somone who really wants them going to the game

    so what i have done is dontate them to my local hospital were my daugther was born and they auctioned them off and the money going to the baby unit

    im not going to disclose the hospital name for the sake of people harsing them with calls trying to get the tickets

    so now u all know and people can stop pming me if i still have the tickets



    that is a lovely gesture, well done you xx

    Nice one ........ fairplay :thumbsup:

    Nice one mate!

    Good man, be interested to know how much they raised.

    Nice one mate :thumbsup:

    Well done mate :thumbsup:

    Fair play to you mate!!!!
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