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    I have a monitored ADT Alarm and it just came to my attention recently when I checked my phone bill that I get charged 12p extra every day for ADT's alarm receiving centre to carry out a compulsory testing. My phone bill shows a non-geographic 087 number which is amountign to roughly £3.60 extra a month.

    Anyway's I complained to ADT and they've now offered me a transfer to a 0800 number being used to dial in. ADT are saying they gonna charge me £1 a month for the dail in to go to the 0800 number. I'm gonna complain about this charge but thought i'd highlight this issue to anyone on HUK that may also benefit from transferring the dial in to an 0800 number. Rather have it for free but then again paying £1 a month is better than £3.60 a month

    Sorry for the long post but hope someone benefits


    I get free non geo minutes at evenings and weekend, do you not get the same if so then you could get them to do callback during this times for free

    I got an ADT monitored alarm - never checked my phone bill, will have a look when i get home.


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    I get free non geo minutes at evenings and weekend, do you not get the … I get free non geo minutes at evenings and weekend, do you not get the same if so then you could get them to do callback during this times for free

    Hi Coddfather, who's your phone provider? I want to investigate that option. I'm currently with BT for line rental and sky is my phone call provider.

    Hi with BT on this Plan

    Unlimited Evening & Weekend Plan – at no
    extra cost
    This Calling Plan gives you unlimited UK* landline calls between 6pm and 6am weekdays and all day at the weekends – at no extra cost when you sign up for 12 months, saving you over £35 a year on our standard plan.

    Key features
    Unlimited UK* Evening and Weekend calls
    Inclusive 0845 & 0870 calls at evenings and weekends^
    BT Answer 1571 voicemail, and other Calling Features can be added to your line
    FREE customer support – call us any time you like
    A 12 month renewable contract applies – so you can keep benefiting from this deal.
    Monthly price
    All you pay is £11.54 a month line rental if you pay by Direct Debit or monthly payment plan and opt for paper-free billing1.

    Call pricing (UK landlines2)
    Weekend calls: Inclusive
    Evening calls: Inclusive
    Daytime calls: 5.4p a minute
    Plus 100 texts included every month from your landline to other UK landlines and mobiles.

    Important information
    * Means calls of up to an hour to numbers beginning 01, 02 and 03, excluding the Channel Islands. Other exclusions apply.

    ^ Availability of inclusive 0845 and 0870 calls of up to 60 minutes duration (excluding indirect access numbers and dial-up internet access) dependent on residential BT Calling Plan, eg. Evenings and weekends with the Unlimited Evening & Weekend Plan. Fair use policy applies – max. 1,000 mins or 150 calls a month. If either of these limits on free calls is exceeded, BT will charge for these calls until further notice.

    Otherwise add £2.75 a month (£1.50 for payment processing fee levied by BT Payment Services Limited, a BT Group company, plus £1.25 without paper-free billing discount). Discount is via bill credit. Set-up paper-free online at [url][/url] once your BT account is active.
    Calls to numbers beginning 01, 02 & 03, excluding Channel Islands. 9.3p set–up fee applies. For inclusive Weekend and Evening calls over an hour calls are charged at 5.4p a minute. You can hang up and redial to avoid call charges.
    Available to eligible new and existing residential customers signing up to the Unlimited Evening & Weekend Plan on a 12 month renewable contract. The contract is subject to a 12 month minimum renewable period. At the end of each 12 month minimum period the contract will be automatically renewed for a further 12 month minimum period unless you tell us otherwise. We'll write to remind you when your contract is nearing the end of a renewable period. Discount is via bill credit. Exclusions and conditions apply.

    See Terms & Conditions
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