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    Has anybody else had any experience with

    On 2nd December I ordered four items from them - all for Christmas presents.

    One turned up after two weeks.
    Another two turned up after almost three weeks.
    Still waiting on the fourth.

    They had the cheek to charge £11 postage!

    Also, they used the "Billing Details" rather than the "Delivery Details" for the deliveries meaning that somebody who one of the presents was for saw their present before Christmas!

    I have tried contacting them both by phone and e-mail before Christmas and now but get no response from either method.

    Has anybody else had a shoddy experience with them or was I just unlucky?


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    They have a store in Manchester and the stores are busy - just wondering what people's experience of their online shopping has been though.

    Yes, they are fine instore but the online shop, awful to say the least.

    Ordered some things, didnt tell me when it was going to come, came month later (Even forgot i bought things as presents as it was that long), didnt include one as it was out of stock but didnt tell me that either.

    Shocking online and would never ever order from them again.

    I've a mate whose stopped ordering from them. Everything always in stock until you order and then its not. They kept him waiting for weeks for some stuff.

    I've only ever ordered one item from there back in early 2008 - it took almost a month to arrive despite being in stock!
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